The Sustainable Conference

We make your event our event

The Sustainable Conference

Our brand identifies sustainable events, making them stand out from others that are not.

The Sustainable Event by Ercisa accompanies the client throughout the process of communicating the sustainability requirements with which the activity is carried out to ensure that the company is recognised for its values in organising a sustainable event.

Foro Bizkaia

Ercisa has been recognised as an example of Socially Responsible Company by the FORO BIZKAIA of corporate social responsibility for its commitment and active and voluntary contribution to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the environment in which it operates.

We are a member of all the main associations in the sector

Being a leading company requires us to surround ourselves with the best, hence we actively participate in the major associations in the sector.

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The Sustainable Event by Ercisa - Telesforo Aranzadi, 2. 1º Dcha. 48008 Bilbao (Spain) - T. 94 421 27 05 - The Sustainable Conference