The Sustainable Conference

The Sustainable Event gears the event towards sustainability.

We diagnose the phases of the event, analyse the associated impacts, and lay down the environmental, social and economic measures according to the levels of requirement, integrating sustainability into the event.

Our team of professionals and our track record guarantee the success of the technical execution of the event as well as the control and monitoring of the established sustainability requirements.

Our suppliers adapt to and comply with the established requirements, and are at the forefront of the latest innovations in sustainable solutions to deliver quality, attractive looks and aesthetic appeal.

Sustainability in the organisation of an event is an ethical commitment to responsibility for our planet and society, and makes companies that take these values into account when organising their events stand out above the rest.

Use community resources

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Manage mobility effectively

Disseminate good sustainability practices

The Sustainable Event by Ercisa - Telesforo Aranzadi, 2. 1º Dcha. 48008 Bilbao (Spain) - T. 94 421 27 05 - The Sustainable Conference